Recently transferred from Dečani near Mionica, after 28 years living as a monk, Father Arsenie, Belgradian, a cult figure from the ’80-ies, is now engaged in restoring and creating a spiritual and cultural center in the Monastery of Ribnica, which had been destroyed by the Turks in the 19th century. By reminiscing about his complex past, Father Arsenie takes us into his daily life: the scenes intertwine with his daily activities as a monk; prayer, service and culturing Orthodoxy come first. Father Arsenie is also a very talented painter, writer and sculptor, so as we listen to his answers to questions on faith and finding love for god, we also discover his artistic creativity. We learn of when and how he had found his meaning of life through Orthodoxy and a complete dedication to the spiritual life as we hear about his transformation in New York, where he lived as a young man. This intimate portrait of a contemporary, unusual monk with a higher cause is accompanied by just as vivid, unlimited beauty of nature in the landscapes that surround the Monastery of Ribnica.